Art Contest 2022

Category 1: The Campaign for North Zebrica/Grand Prize Winner - by Infinity Stool
In Category 1- The Campaign for North Zebrica
"It is unlikely that the world will ever see such terrible bombings again. By the initiative of Autumn Breeze and the rest of the supreme commanders of the Legion during the next planning, they decided to take Ain Trotgourait by the end of the month. This would be a turning point in the Chiroptera military campaign and will soon lead to victory in the North-Zebrican conflict. To achieve the goal, efforts of the LMRD were aimed at creating chemical weapons, counting on its greater efficiency. Therefore, the first phosphorus shells and bombs fell on the city, still surrounded by slums. Sparkling white clouds of death quickly filled the streets, instilling fear and despair in the hearts of the defenders, and ramshackle buildings were quickly caught on fire."
Theme Winner - Category 2: The New Continent Meets the Old World - by Mikurufag
"Colthago delenda est. Jan 1027, Chrysalis' Marines land on the capital of northern Zebrica, with five supercarriers. A fragment of my campaign to paint the whole world, after the last update."
"Colthago delenda est. Январь 1027, высадка морской пехоты Кризалис в столицу северной Зебрики под аккомпанемент 5 суперавианосцев. Фрагмент моей из кампании по покрасу всего мира после последнего обновления."
Honorable Mention - by Rich May
"The Colthage offensive didn't go according to plan."
Honorable Mention - by Казань
"We have nothing but sand. And we will protect this sand."
"У нас нет ничего, кроме песка. И этот песок мы будем защищать."

2022 saw the long-awaited update adding the continent of Zebrica, focusing on the countries on the northern coast. The yearly contest reflected that, focusing on the north and interjections from the old world.

Art Contest 2021

Grand Prize Winner - by Barrelroll#7179
In Category 1- The Front
"For encouragement"
Theme Winner - Category 1: The Front - by Казань
"Mama says that papa left to disperse the clouds on the horizon. That would be great, lightning and thunder always keep me awake at night. It is good that Vivienne is always with us!"
Theme Winner - Category 2: The War at Home - by Uteuk
"Hoofchatov presents the first atomic magic bomb."
Theme Winner - Category 3: Propaganda Posters - by Barrelroll#7179
"For recruitment"
Honorable Mention - by Marsminer
In Category 1- The Front
Honorable Mention - by Motley
In Category 1- The Front
"The Changeling tanks have acquired new armored vehicles, and Equestrian armor is no longer a serious threat. A crew member paints a marking- another enemy tank hit- and a group of panzergrenadiers a little late to the party stand near the Tiger."
Honorable Mention - by Motley
In Category 3- The Propaganda Posters
"Propaganda poster of Chrysalis' Ministry of Propaganda. It is made in the manner of the posters of the german Volkssturm (militia)."
Honorable Mention - by SKE
In Category 3- The Propaganda Posters
"To revive the former greatness of the Empire, Archon Eros began a bloody war, once more drowning Griffonia in the flames of violence. Countless lives were lost for the unquenchable ambitions of the "Great Regent", the war brought suffering to all. We must stop this madness, stand together, and with a united front, sweep away the tyrants leading fratricidral war, make them answer for the deaths of millions of our brothers. Death to tyrants, long live peace!"

The 2021 art contest was the first art contest for EaW. Art could be submitted between June 20th and July 25th, and would be judged primarily by overall quality, its connection to the theme of the category it had been submitted under, and to Equestria at War as a whole. Participants were given the option to include explanations along with their work, which have been included in the gallery. The three themes were chosen based on different aspects of war- the war at the front, at population centers and individual homes and towns, where the dangers of battle were far but still changed life for many, and the efforts of the propaganda machine to inspire.